Kraptonite Episode 001 Star Trek Discovery…Eventually Pt1

Welcome to the first episode of Kraptonite – two guys talking Krap about Sci-Fi / Fantasy.

We cover everything in pop culture from movies, tv, books, soundtracks and beyond. Tangents and removable sideburns guaranteed*
*Sideburns not supplied, your facial hair may be at risk if you don’t keep up payments on this or any other disposable facial hair.

19 October 2017, 20:18

Welcome to the inaugural, premiere and first episode of Kraptonite, two guys talking crap about Sci-Fi/Fantasy.

For our first episode we will be discussing (in two parts) the first two episodes of Star Trek Discovery…eventually. We go on some interesting tangents and discover (no pun intended) a fondness for Star Trek V we never really knew we had. Will the CBS All Access Star Trek show boldly go on to success or will it be the failed dark experiment of the Star Trek galaxy?

Hosts: Ryan Blake and Simon Rouse
Guest: Star Trek V?

Intro (00:00:00)
Tangent I: MST3K, Star Crash, 1982 & Bladerunner/Bladerunner 2049 (00:01:06)
We’re here to talk about Discovery with so many notes (00:16:25)
Opening Scene – Admit it, we’re lost! (00:18:33)
Tangent II: Deanna Troi, Riker’s Removable Velcro Sideburns, Geordi’s Existential Nightmare Command Officer Test (00:23:29)
Opening Credits & Score (00:28:30)
Meet the Klingons: Communication, Conversation, Culture, Costumes & Kahless (00:39:30)

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Or on Twitter -@Kraptonite235


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