Kraptonite 005 Blade Runner 2049 is beautifully bleak

KRAPTONITE STD Ep003 1400X1400

Welcome to the fifth episode of Kraptonite, two guys talking crap about Sci-Fi/Fantasy.

This time it’s a deep dive into the world of Blade Runner 2049, specifically man’s inhumanity to non-humanity and what makes a human a human if they act inhumanely. Man. There’s also the obligatory Star Trek TNG reference, this one just got away from us…

Intro (00:00-02.20)
Music (02:21-06:30)
Opening Replicant hunt and questions (06:31-08:27)
Hidden Truths and backstory (08:28-09:48)
Sapper Morton is a wimp (09:49-11:42)
Spoilers from here/Fight Cliches (11:43-14:00)
Nexus Models (14:01-19:08)
Children of the Revolution/Deckard is a ? (19:09-22:33)
Tyrell vs Wallace (22:34-36:11)
Constant K (36:12-41:22)
Sex Future (41:23-44:20)
Sexism (44:21-46:22)
Luv, Loyalty. Life (46:23-53:38)
Breeding Slaves (53:39-57:42)
K Reprise (57:43-102:00)
Sombre Thoughts (102:01-106:36)
Quantum Leap (160:37-107:58)
Daughters (107:59-111:30)
Wrap and Outro (111:31-121:29)

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