Kraptonite 010 Star Trek Discovery S1 pt2 – Duosode

KRAPTONITE Black Panther SOLOSODE 1400X1400.jpg

Welcome to the Tenth episode of Kraptonite, once again two guys talking crap about Sci-Fi/Fantasy.

This is part 2 of our in-depth Season 1 review of Star Trek Discovery, the characters, the highs and lows and what we want from S2! Also witness the birth of the Krapto-Knights!


[00:00:35] Characters
[00:01:35] Saru
[00:07:28] Lorca
[00:16:14] Cadet Tilly
[00:19:49] Voq/Tyler
[00:25:25] Burnham
[00:31:32] Sarek
[00:33:53] Stammets
[00:36:14] Landrey Dammitt!
[00:38:38] Admiral Cornwell
[00:42:04] Highs and Lows
[01:03:10] What we want from S2



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Check out the latest episode of Kraptonite – two guys talking Krap about Sci-Fi / Fantasy


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